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    Posting this Splinter Cell Tweet before you all get hyped *YAWN*

    I'm about over this game. Will most likely be open world copy and paste like Ubisoft does with all their games. Add in some hidden loot boxes on each map. And of course people are getting hyped LOL.

    Ubisoft Spain posts a mysterious Splinter Cell tweet

    Every now and then, Ubisoft likes to make a little noise about Splinter Cell. It's a bit like Sam Fisher stubbing his toe as he sneaks through the shadows behind a large bank of 60s-era supercomputers: You definitely heard something, but when you go to check, there's nothing there.
    Today's muffled thump comes courtesy of the Ubisoft Spain Twitter feed, which put this up earlier today:



    That, according to Google, translates to, "You need to understand the darkness in order to face it," which is a pretty Splinter Cell thing to say: It's like, the shadows are your ally, but the darkness that lies within is your true enemy. Levels, man. It's heavy stuff.
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    I've seen it on Reddit but there's no point to even talk about it. That's just a common tweet Ubisoft studios often do and people get hyped for nothing.
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    Both the pic and quote are from Wildlands. It's nothing.
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