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    How to link Assassin's Creed 1 (past Steam purchase) to Uplay Client/Launcher..?

    Just wondering if there is a manual way to add AC1 (initially Steam version) to the UPLAY Launcher, or something similar...
    With most Ubi games, I seem to be able to just start a game up (even if initially purchased in Steam long ago) and Uplay detects it and adds it (eg. Far Cry Primal did this for me). The UPLAY client will then keep track of Hours Played, etc.
    However, playing the older game of AC1, it seems to not be 'triggering' UPLAY for some reason.
    I have no issues with UPLAY and would like to actually Launch all of my Ubisoft games in it....

    If it helps, in the UPLAY client, I see an "UPDATE" button (blue) instead of where "PLAY" would normally be; but that just starts Assassin's Creed up (Steam based).

    I tried looking for a "Show CD Key" in Steam, which usually has one, to enter it manually into the UPlay Client, but there does not seem to be this available in Steam for AC1 [in my case].

    Thanks for any ideas!
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    Hey there Tesityr,

    Welcome to the forums!

    Our Player Support Team would be the best to reach out to in this case. I will go ahead and move your thread over to that dedicated forum.

    You can also reach out directly to our team Here
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    Oh thanks - I'm sorry I didn't know there was a Forum specifically for this type of question, heh

    I should have mentioned that it's also 'OK' if it is not possible - I was just asking in case AC1 could potentially be added to the new UPLAY Launcher...

    Thanks again!
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