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    ICON points / Followers

    Dear Deffs,

    now that i've finaly made all the $ to recalibrate (just about) every car i want to
    i focused on maxing followers to fill out the first colom with ICON points
    i'm 47 on the Followers standings and got 950+ ICON points now ALL on followers
    i use a jetboat with all Magnet gold parts recalibrated with maxed 3% bucks and 6% followers
    grinding the Main lands cave for 2h gives me +/- 3 ICON points
    still needing over 3000 ICON points to fill out the first colom
    this means i still have to grind for followers for about 1000 day's
    that's about 3 YEARS of DAILY GRINDING with every possible followers % maxed

    that's just NOT worth the efford !!!

    the followers award for every race should be doubled
    or the ICON points gain for the first 4 should be changed from 0.1%/ICON point to 1%/ICON point
    but i don't see U do that

    so my request is to change the max 6% followers perk in the parts to max 14%
    this gives ya 98% extra followers instead of 42% wenn ya got all 7 parts recalibrated with max followers perks
    this should only be a couple of mins of work
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    Lol 3Y of hard grinding

    Also make a quick swap option, so you do not have to press a few 100x on the fire button
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    Originally Posted by DT-MadManCK Go to original post

    Also make a quick swap option, so you do not have to press a few 100x on the fire button
    This is the main issue. An easier way to apply/re apply icon points is something people have been asking for since day 1.

    It really needs to come in the update next week.
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    Sorry but... why? Why is there a need to rush through the game like this? Increasing followers gained for all events seems like a pointless suggestions (as well as pointlessly invested development time). After Icon 1000, there's no need to farm followers, unless of course if you want to reach I9999. And in that case, it's a long-term goal.
    And FYI, reaching max icon level can be done quicker. I have a friend who has reached it about 2 months ago.
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    I find Lunytrickz's proposal very sensible. That would also have an advantage for players who do not have that much money and vehicles. I think that would be a further incentive for this group of players and also to get Platinum in Summit.
    I would go even further and the current Loot Box
    search at the current level to give the beginners and advanced more opportunities to improve their fleet of vehicles.
    That would be no programming effort and nobody would have a disadvantage.
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    Surely not worth it at all.

    I endorse what luny proposed and also what the madman said.
    So sad that a game with so much potential get's butcherd like this.
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    no thanks. Leveling is fast enough in the game as it is right now.
    By just doing the Summits(missing the 3 first ones), not any icon points in follower or using magnet i've gone from icon ~250 to ~930. That's a lot of levels.

    Of course they could lower the level-gaps after icon 1000. As it is now the increase in followers you need pr.level is silly
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    Weird, I guess I did 3 years of work in 8 months. Icon 9999 is not meant to be done quickly. It's supposed to be a monumental task (if you're doing it legit). I really hate how players are trying to shorten the lifespan of this game by wanting everything to be easy.
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    the efford !!!
    Do 3 minutes daily

    And shout louder.
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    Not bothered about icon points, but what would be useful is some bucks back when you scrap parts.
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