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    New operator ideas that bring a bit of realism and game changers

    Bandolier ATK

    Primary: a lever action modernized 45-70 that can be equipped with the scope that M249s have with medium recoil and a fire rate similar to glaz v2 (before current)

    Secondary: an old fashioned single action revolver that instead of individual loading you swap chambers

    Ability: can switch from incendiary or piercing ammo with the ability button, requires a reload from 0 and can have a full reload of either 2 times for one gun, sec and prim can be equipped with either but not at the same time
    Incendiary does NEAR double damage and leaves an effect such as lesion that starts off doing 5 damage and going down by one each second while piercing can go through more surfaces or one reinforced wall (30% chance it does) does less damage the more surfaces, holding the ability button will switch you to normal ammo, equipping one type of ammo will automatically equip the other gun with the other

    Once Bandolier dies allies and enemies can hold F on a dropped box for 3 seconds to pick up the ammo, cannot switch which gun has what, Id Bandolier had incendiary on primary the person who picks it up has to keep it on their primary, mag fed guns get 1-2 mags while shotguns get 3 tubes worth of either, piercing is slugs incendiary is dragons breath

    1 speed 3 armor

    Gatt DEF

    Primary: a modernized gatling gun that is chambered as an assault rifle with a 70 round mag that can be deployed on surfaces with a bipod or on deplorable shields, can be carried at the cost of speed only walking

    Secondary: a classic Colt 1911 or German Luger (1911 can be modified to use an optic reflex like nomad or red dot like clash, no holo)

    2 speed 2 armor

    Featured map being an old abandoned hotel/saloon

    Operation Western Skies
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    I dont know about the guns and different ammo types but i like the idea to have a attacking operator who can put down one box of ammo like in T-hunt (similar to rook who puts down additional armor). Also for Finka rework she should put down like one large medicine box for other players to heal to full. Tactical aspect for attackers is to choose if to do it outside where its safer or inside where defenders can use it also if they manage to flank the area. Also I hope they let tatchanka roam with the lmg with reduced speed and abilty to mount it fastly on windows and shields. I personally wouldnt want too crazy updates for the new operators.
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    I don't think realism means what you think it means
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