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    Can't earn the Prison Break Achievement

    So I've been trying to earn the Prison Break Achievement in Assassin's Creed Origins which is earned by freeing 20 rebels in The Hidden Ones DLC. I've completed all location objectives in The Hidden Ones and have searched the map a second time for those exclamation point notifications that might have prisoned rebels, and the locations I previously freed them from don't seem to be respawning rebels I could free. I still have not earned the achievement and am unsure what to do. Is there an unmarked location on the map that might have some caged rebels or is there a way I could respawn the rebels to earn the achievement. Please advise
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    Hello guywiththeskull,

    Welcome to the forums! Here are a few tips I'll share with you here.

    Make sure that you are unlocking the cages and not just breaking them open with your weapon. Also, if you have auto-leveled enemies toggled on, only civilians will spawn in the prisoner cages.

    Civilians don't count toward the trophy - neither does assisting the rebels who are fighting. Turn off auto-leveling and fast travel to a fort or that ship that has cages. You will now see prisoners with bows on their backs, and these are the rebels that you are looking for.

    There are forts around Arisnoe that should respawn rebels for you.

    Good luck! I hope this helps you out so that you score that achievement!
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