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    Release dates and loot box concerns

    Does anyone have any info on a release date or projected release date. So far the videos and updates are suggesting that the game is nearing the beta stage as well as completion so it would be nice to get some real answers..
    The next issue is the loot boxes please keep it out of the game that includes those used for xp, loot, skins, and etc... Frankly the last few games released from Ubisoft have been rather disappointing concerning the "extras" lets keep the game simple and enjoyable, and not so much about the bottom line. I keep it at that since I don't won't to go on a tirade.
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    Loot boxes are an absolute NOPE from me. My current favorite game Warframe, has no gambling type boxes. If I want something (usually an appearance item) I just buy it in the market. I support the heck out of the game. I always know exactly what I am spending my real money on. But, a loot box, gambling, situation? NOPE.
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