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    Canít get to Collectibles

    The Collectibles in the Egg Island Cave and the Skell HQ I cant get to. The doors are blue but they will not open. In a few other forums Iíve seen players have the same issue.
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    What collectible is in the cave? I recommend looking up video to see what others have done so you can let us know where it's gone wrong or weird.

    Please provide video if possible. Thanks!
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    i know this is a glitch but if you really need to get through the door you can park a motorcycle right up against it then dismount and it will glitch you through the door, i am not advocating glitching but it is the only option until the issue gets fixed (predominantly the skell lab intel you cannot get after the cutscene)
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    The egg island bioluminescence cave is a mission.
    Once its unlocked the door there will be able to open.
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