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    Why no BTS?????????

    Why is there no BTS songs???

    They are the most popular kpop group and a whole lot better than BLACKPINK and they are on there

    PLEASE ADD BTS!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    I agree

    I agree 100%!!!!! 😤 ADD BTS COWARDS
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    Group suggestions

    I agree 100% instead of all these randoms songs that the people who buy this game dont know , why not add BTS, and more 5 seconds of summer the last time they were on it was either 2015 or 2014 , they have better songs out there now. Stop with all these werid songs, i have every just dance game up to 2019 and stopped buying them because i hated how there were way to many werid random songs
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    It was planned to be added but was scrapped for some unknown reason. I assume it was on BH part. And no need to compare shame other groups just because you're salty about it even though I personall am not a fan of BP. No need for hate, darling
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    No need to throw a fit. Kpop is still considered a niche so the priority isn't kpop.
    Probably the best tracklist since JD2014.
    Everyone complains about how it needs more diversity of songs from different countries and then everyone is complaining about how they don't know them. The world doesn't revolve around you.
    We have songs in Spanish, Chinese, Korean, Hebrew, French and Russia.
    I think all the songs on here are pretty good and the songs I didn't know have been introduced to me which I now really enjoy now and I consider bops.
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    You do realize they have to get permission from the Artist 🙄 you're very smart if the artist says no the song or songs don't go in.
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    Agree 100%
    I don't hate on the other groups but there are so many weird and completely unknown songs but no bts? I don't get it sorry
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    Just Dance includes 40 new tracks each year, yet there are well over 100 songs from around the world (and way more from previous years) where people can and do make a compelling argument that they should be included. There are extremely popular songs that have been overlooked, and extremely popular artists who have never been included in Just Dance.

    It must be really challenging to choose just 40 tracks. I'm sure there are hundreds of song requests that are repeatedly requested. There is obviously a limited budget, so they can't just choose any 40 songs, but must decide where to spend the money each year. Just Dance has proven to be highly inclusive, selecting songs from around the world and different types of music, so the game isn't just about any one type of music and it isn't just about the most popular songs.

    In addition to budget, they need to obtain permission from the rights' holders, the song needs to be danceable, the dance they have in mind needs to fit well with the other 39 tracks of the season, and Just Dance needs to have a good relationship with the rights' holder. Everything is probably far more complicated than it seems.

    Nonetheless, I feel quite strongly that 2020 overall is Just Dance's best assortment of songs, including several popular tracks while also including titles from different cultures, and everything is quite danceable this year.

    If I were to buy Just Dance for a single artist, I would be disappointed most years, but fortunately most of the dances appeal to me each year.

    In 2019, Blackpink's Ddu-du Ddu-du was insanely popular, and it filled a need in the Just Dance series that was badly needed, a powerful all-girl quartet. This is surely the reason Just Dance included Kill This Love as another powerful all-girl quartet. Ddu-du Ddu-du was one of my favorite dances last year, and is perhaps the best quartet in the game from any year (arguable, of course). I also like Kill This Love, and the extreme version is possibly my favorite extreme this year.

    I doubt it was a Blackpink vs. BTS kind of decision. Blackpink worked out great last year and really filled a need, so it was easy to try it again this year.

    In 2020, they included Bad Guy, which is hugely popular, and the videos showing Billie interacting with her fans really show the artist in a positive light as a great role model. They included Old Town Road which was hugely popular this year. They also have 7 Rings, Katy Perry, God Is a Woman, High Hopes, Ed Sheeran/Justin Bieber, Cardi B., Pitbull, and Black-Eyed Peas. That's a lot of star talent for a single season. For the kids there is also Frozen's Into the Unknown, working with Disney, and the popular Baby Shark, and even though these might be called kids songs, I rather enjoyed these songs/dances myself. Many of the remaining titles also have good or powerful beats; for example, I rather like My New Swag, Con Altura, and Bangarang.

    For me, this year there is so much that I do love, that I won't sweat too much what might be missing.

    Perhaps the game would be better with BTS, and perhaps BTS will make an appearance in the future.

    My opinion is just one opinion. Feel free to disagree. Happy dancing. :-)
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    Please be sure to request any songs you'd love to dance to here: https://ubi.li/nCLUO

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    I'm really not sure how Just Dance works and how songs come about onto the app, but just like how other games like Overcooked have extensions to the game where you can buy special themes, it would be great if Just Dance could come out with a just k-pop themed extension (or others too). I think it would sell really well considering how widely k-pop is spreading across the world. Of course every country and individual would like to have their favourite songs on the game, I completely understand that, but just wanted to offer a suggestion
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