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    XBOX 360 DLC Still Not Porting to XBOX One

    I don't mean to poke any hornets nests, but . . .
    It has been about 5 months since newly released DLC purchased on the XBOX 360 ported over to the XBOX one and about 3 months since any UBISOFT response/acknowledgement of the issue in the forums (That I am aware of). I have tried support tickets with UBISOFT Support and e-maills to Rocksmith. I won't go into the frustration involved with dealing with UBISOFT support. The response from Rocksmith is either we are looking into it or working on it. So I am begging/pleading for an actual update on this issue.

    Please tell us if porting newly released DLC from the 360 to XBOX One is no longer supported whether it be Microsoft or UBISOFT. If the issue is really being addressed please provide some detail (hope) to us XBOX Users.

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    I stopped caring about this issue.

    It is clear that the business side is not really concerned with the consumer side.

    We might as well just focus on buying any future DLCs for the XBone and remember to keep all three XBox iterations (original, 360, and One) handy in case we want to play older songs.

    I love playing Clapton n Cream on the original XBox.

    I got the hint.
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    UPDATE - As a couple other users have notes, this appears to have been finally fixed these last few days (6 months), at least for me. Is everyone having success? Would love to hear from UbiSoft what the issues was that finally got resoleved.
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    Still waiting for Last Resort to show up. Guessing they fixed the packs first and will get around to the singles soon.
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    Last Resort showed up in my ready to install list this morning.
    Who ever was responsible for getting this fixed, thank you.
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