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    FH crashes to desktop randomly without error message

    Hello everyone. I'm facing "a bit" of an issue here and start to run out of ideas. Already tried to get some input via reddit, but that failed as well. I'll just copy my wall of text from reddit here (with some additions) because it's getting really late, I'm tired and just desperate at this point. I mean, Sun Da is right around the corner. Hype can hurt
    So, here we go:
    A couple of days ago I replaced my graphics card and for some reason, FH doesn't seem to like it. No other game (or application in general) has any issues, only FH randomly crashes without warning (and most of the time without UPlay generating an error report) whenever it feels like it. Might be a couple of seconds after launching, might be after 2-3 matches, might be in the main menu, during a match, in customization menu... (Apparently) Completely random.

    I tried a lot of things (because I like to fix stuff myself) but well, I'm stuck.

    Here's what I tried:

    • Driver update
    • FH options.ini-reset
    • Settings tweaking (disable supersampling [was the only setting I could not enable before the hardware upgrade], set FPS limit, change resolution*)
    • *Normally playing on widescreen monitor (2560x1080), tried setting it to 1920x1080
    • Game file check (on 1 of 3 occasions Steam actually replaced some files, but no change whatsoever)
    • Changed settings in Game-Profile of Driver (disabled all, enabled some,...)
    • Checked Windows System and Application logs --> nothing got logged, no crashes or other events possibly related to FH or the crashes
    • Switched Display FH uses to smaller 1920x1080 Display
    • Reinstall of For Honor
    • Also tried disconnecting one of the displays since I noticed one runs with 60Hz and the other with 59Hz - no luck

    I did not contact Ubisoft-Support yet, which would be the last thing I could think of (not because of the support quality, but because I highly suspect the fault's on my side, not the games).

    This is my current setup (yes, OS is kinda outdated - but this should not be reason for this as it worked fine before the hardware-change):

    • Windows 7 64bit
    • AMD FX8350
    • Radeon/Sapphire RX5700 XT Nitro+ (was Sapphire HD 7970 before)
    • Ultrawide Display (2560x1080) and Full-HD-Display (1920x1080)
    • 16 GB RAM
    • Game is installed on "oldschool" HDD

    I learned and currently work in IT as a troubleshooter, so I'm as sure as someone working in IT can be that my hard- and software config are fine in general.

    Additional info:

    • Game is installed via Steam/UPlay (Wish I had it solely on UPlay though. Would make things easier. Past-me was dumb -.-)
    • No streaming or screencapture software is running
    • Only applications running during testing: For Honor, Firefox (occasionally), Steam, Uplay
    • Every 5 or 6 crashes, UPlay generates an error report. Could not manage to open them myself, but the reports have been sent (according to UPlay; should be 4 or 5 by now).
    • Other applications running without problems (examples): TW:WH2, TW:3K, WH:Vermintide 2
    • On a side note: FH does not stutter, lag, or perform weird in any way. It just suddenly crashes.

    I'm thankful for any ideas you guys here might have. This issue really drives me nuts.

    Anyway; have a nice day everyone!
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    Ubi-Ginge's Avatar Ubisoft Support Staff
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    Hey forevergekko!

    Looks like you've been pretty thorough with trying to get this resolved.

    A couple of suggestions (which you may have tried but not listed) -
    -Run the gamme with admin rights
    -Reinstall supporting software

    Can you let us know if you are still experiencing the same random crashes after this.
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    Hi Ginge!
    Thanks for the reply. I really did kind of forget about the "run as admin" possibility for some reason (shame on me), but I just tried it and welp - crash again. Crash report was sent around 10:40 AM UTC+1 (might have been a few minutes earlier).
    The support-folder was one of the first things I checked, but unfortunately there is no software folder in there. This was the case prior to and after the reinstallation as well. Checked both the \steamapps\common\For Honor and the UPlay path (For Honor is not present at all in this one, which kind of makes sense).
    Is there maybe a list of the needed supported software, so that I can just reinstall/update them manually? Should all be up-to-date, but better safe then sorry.
    Which also brings me to my next question - these error reports UPlay is sending... Is there a way to check them myself? Maybe something got logged there.

    Thank you very much again, all help and ideas are appreciated
    Have a nice day everyone
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    Ubi-Ginge's Avatar Ubisoft Support Staff
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    The following software should be in that folder (with bonus clicky links to save you hunting them out :P )

    Direct X

    Let me know if this gets you up and running
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    Thanks, that's nice of you!
    Had the EAC repaired and installed the recommended DX-version (the links are mixed up by the way )
    Had to skip C++ since a more recent version is already installed (any other result would have had me in "shock" *g* )
    Steam is just updating For Honor as I type this. Will check and provide feedback, but probably not before tomorrow. Getting late again. Can't wait to be done with these late shifts tomorrow.

    Thanks again and have a nice day everyone
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    No problem, you know where we are when you've tested it!
    Hope the last late shift doesn't drag too much for you.
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    Hey again!

    Shift wasn't so bad, thanks
    However the problem with For Honor remains. After the first 2 crashes (since the directx and EAC update/reinstall) I also tried cooling off my CPU a bit more, but that was just an "eh, why not?" idea. No change whatsoever though, For Honor still crashes just as randomly as before
    Think I'll switch graphics cards again tomorrow; back to the old one. Simply not an option to even think about quitting FH just because of a few more FPS on other applications. Absolutely not an option.

    Or might there be a chance that the error reports hold some hidden goodies..?

    Unless you have another idea, I'll just go back to the old setup and enjoy some complete matches

    Have a nice day everyone
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    Ubi-Ginge's Avatar Ubisoft Support Staff
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    Can you set up a case on our support site and upload text copies of your DXDiag and MSInfo files

    Once you've done this, let us know your case number so we can take a look deeper into this.
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    Hey Ginge,

    got some news. So, yesterday, UPlay refused to launch. Was stuck on "Logging in..." and did not proceed for over 10 minutes.
    I went ahead and reinstalled UPlay - nothing to lose at this point anyway - and was able to launch it afterwards.
    Started For Honor, just out of curiosity, and well, what can I say. I plyed a good 3 hours with my buddy yesterday and 1 hour alone. Today we just finished around 2 hours - and not a single crash in sight. Not. One.

    I don't know if and how the UPlay client could be responsible for the crashes, but in the end, this seems to have fixed it. Maybe the issue was totally seperate from my graphics card replacement (still on the new one by the way) and was just timed badly. I don't know.

    So, in conclusion: The issue seems to be solved (will keep an eye on it though, just to be sure). Thank you alot for the time you invested in helping me, very much appreciated!

    Have a nice day everyone
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