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    N1L8 Holiday Theme Build-Off

    The holidays are here folks, which means it's time for one more build off before the end of the year. This is open to EVERYONE. Prizes will be awarded to 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners. We will have a different judging system this time around which will include 5 outside judges. Your track will be judged by 3 things. Driveline, decoration, and wow factors. Everyone likes to be "wowed" every once in a while. All tracks will be featured on special TC thread.
    Here are the rules:

    + Track must be between 25 seconds and 2 min Plat times

    + Track must be easy/medium/hard, NO extremes.

    + Track must have stand out characters and Christmas decorations. This includes, Snowman, Christmas trees, maybe even a Krampus if it tickles your fancy.

    + Tracks can be released anytime between now and December 20th.

    + Tracks MUST be tagged N1L8X.

    Don't be afraid to think outside the box. We wish good building to everyone and Happy Holidays!
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    Awesome, thanks for hosting this contest! I'm excited to see what fun tracks come out of this. Thanks for sharing this with the community, and good luck to all!
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    Tracks need to be released by the 19th so Redlynx can get them all on the TC feed the next morning. Thanks
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    Try to Start a little Project next week... 🙄... good luck to all entrys
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