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    Pvp is a mess( consumables not working)

    I play pvp 99% of the time. Since yesterday Im no longer able to use the consumables you pick up like health stims, adrenaline stims, intel grenades etc. This makes pvp unplayable and I have a couple of friends with the same problem some of them quit playing already. Also dropping in pvp infinity error leads to taking penalties cause the game thinks you quit during a game and then Im unable to play again.

    Ubisoft when are you going to sort this mess of a game out. You ruined the ghost game already with your loot system.

    You need to fix this ASAP.
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    I know ur pain n the way to fix this bug is to go back to the main camp site and add them back onto your inventory. Once u do that it will fix the bug and u will get ur supplies again.
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    I had the same. Go to PVE and select in every slot a consumable. Then its fixet
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