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    Trials Rising Maintenance | November 4 [PC][PS4][Switch][XBoxOne]

    Greetings Riders,

    There will be planned maintenance on Monday November 4th across all platforms. Expected down time will be 1 hour and 45 minutes, starting from 8:45 AM UTC. During this maintenance you will not be able to access Trials Rising's online features. Thank you for your patience.
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    Planned? This post was all kinds of last minute. Good thing I checked the forums, because I was about to contact support.
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    @frequentForager This was planned I already know this from last Friday, and if you think about it Halloween is over so it need maintenance to get the "pumping" and "pumping boxes" out.
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    @D3kker.CoE I guess I should of expected it, with the update coming today and such. It's just that the communication from ubisoft is shoddy at best. There wasn't even anything at the top of the support page when I went to check. It's just really frustrating when your in the middle of a new time grind and something like this happens.
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