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    Better writing for future FCs, ffs.. standard IQ level at least.

    cuzz.. The writing behind that cuff yourself scene was PATHETIC!!! x'D
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    Thanks for your input Borkaman87. What specifically did you not like about within the story of FCND? What would you have changed?
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    When I got to that 2nd Rush rescue mission The Twins had locked themselves and Rush inside a tiny space with windows on all sides. I had resources for 50 C4 explosives, a couple of cluster rockets and bags of armor piercing rounds- and an apparent direct line to the Twins walkietalkies. So it got laughable when the only option was to dump my Legendary Tier weapons in a gym bag outside their suicide nest and go fully gimp compliant once inside- instead of at least having the option to twist their necks and free Rush?

    The main problem with the story writing spans all way back to FC3; the absolute disregard of how many outposts the player has taken over by the time an antagonist cutscene ensues. This problem makes the captures in FC5 absurd and flatout annihilates the ending where all your friends suddenly have been captured and bliss pumped. As for FCND, the problem ruins the Siege on Prosperity, and Rush's statement that New Eden is their ~only~ hope. This outpost problem allso ruins moments like the hostage missions with Pastor Jerome and Nick Rye.
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    All that said, writers for open world sandbox games deserve both a pass and applause for their efforts. Each FC game has delivered highly engaging plots, which should be enough to any healthy player.
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    I hope Ubisoft keep their writers. So far they have placed a decent enough story frame for great gameplay.
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