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    Downloaded game but no Activation code

    Anyone else had this issue i had the old game but after a long time of it not working i decided to buy the complete edition to start anew now i have 2 anno 2070 games that dont work because the new one they never sent me an activation code for it.

    Anyone else had this issue and also why is this anno such a bugger just to try and get going.
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    Please ignore this thread i found a soloution.
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    Would you kindly share it with the other users who have this problem?
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    Originally Posted by Meli-vore Go to original post
    Please ignore this thread i found a soloution.
    Hi Meli-vore,

    Glad to see that you find a solution. For future reference, when you need assistance feel free to reach out to our support team.
    They will be happy to help!
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    same problem and no response from ubi support. any ideas???

    same problem and no response from ubi support. any ideas???
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    Same problem - ticket submitted.

    I just purchased from Ubisoft/uPlay and haven't got an activation key. There are some words that come up in the box.
    The account name it shows is my original account name. I hope this isn't the problem.
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    I had the same problem and did the live chat. Maybe you already got an answer, but this helped me and could help others.
    Link: "https://support.ubi.com/en-GB/Faqs/000025265/Locating-your-activation-key-in-Uplay-PC-UPC"
    Live Chat:
    "V G (3/16/2019, 7:32:59 PM): Hello. With this you should be able to find it with the steps listed here.

    1. Click your account name in the top right hand corner of the application
    2. From the menu, select “Account Information”
    3. Inside your “Account Information” page, select “My Games”
    4. Here you can see a list of the games you own on your account
    5. Find the game that you need and then select “Show Key”
    6. You can copy/paste the key using the buttons displayed and activate it in the Uplay client "
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    same issue but won't work

    thanks for the solution. But it won't work.
    As u said:

    On the Uplay launcher select the drop down box next to your username.
    Click on "Account Information".
    Select "My Games" tab from the left hand side.
    Locate Anno 2070 (or the complete) and select "Show Key".
    You can then copy this code into the game during activation process.

    Note: This is not the same key as your Uplay key and is required to register the game during the installation process.

    but after that is nothing happend.
    Any idea of that?
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