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    Spawn killing - Why does it even exist in this kind of game?

    I just played a round on Border where 2 seconds in spawning on Attack, I die to someone running out. Here's my question:

    In a game as competitively focused as Rainbow Six Siege, why does this even exist? Why does the existence of this strategy exist in any way, shape or form, with the knowledge and seeming approval by the developers?

    This is literally the most baffling - to the point of absurdity - idea I have ever witnessed in my 14 years of playing video games. Why are the Defenders allowed to literally run out of the location in which they are meant to defend, aim, and kill an opponent seconds after spawning? Why is this okay? Why is nobody talking about this?

    Just counter peek them dummy

    Why should I even have to consider the possibility of being practically ADS the instant I spawn, just to make sure I do not die from this nonsense? This happens in Border, it happens in Oregon, and it happens in Bank. Why? This is extremely infuriating because that simply means the Attackers are in possible danger the moment they appear in the map. That is astonishing of a concept, and I can only think of Ubisoft as the mastermind to conceive a painfully smooth-brain idea like this.

    Come on, Ubisoft. You have to know that just isn't fair, not by a long shot. There's a reason players are pitted against each other on the opposite sides of the map in most games, especially those with one-life mechanics. Siege is no different.
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    It's balanced

    Spawnpeeking and run-outs almost always give the attackers the advantage. The spawns are designed so that a defender can't reach the spawn before having their position revealed. Once you get used to it, you can always very easily check for peekers. For one, the inside of a building is usually brighter than the outside, allowing for easier target acquisition. The idea is balanced, because it's pretty much do it at your own risk & disadvantage,
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    The rounds start with the attackers a certain distance away from the building. Not already inside the building, but somewhere on the map from where they need to approach. Once the round has started everything is live, and everyone is free to fire the weapons and deploy gadgets. Why should either side have a 10-15 second grace period where they're not allowed to be engaged? The round has started, so pay attention, or get punished.

    Best thing you can do as an attacker is expect a spawn peeker every round. You need to be clearing every corner. Even the corner at spawn.
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    well your example is one of the worst one that spawn you talking about is one of the worst one just spawn in that map west or east did not spawn in the middle or you have to peak the tank corner fast i personally spawn there just to get some free kill in the spawn peeker also use your drone if you want to check common spawn peaking spots if you would like someone to play with you i am done to help you learn game my discord name is thatoneperson#5763 just add me there and we can play if you want i spawn peak too usually at rank or quick match to practice i only use few ones that i have learned how to peak from practice in rank in quick match i just spawn peak to make people salty sometimes
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