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    Just a moment please. I read on the Steam page of the game:

    Could you please provide the corresponding evidence?
    I am no expert in the matter but if you can't, your statement would be violating your own terms.
    You are basically acknowledging that you are aware that one or more online features are not working, possibly permanently.
    Unless you have made a proper information available to your customers, don't you have the obligation to comply with your own terms and provide access to the said features?

    As for the lack of information in various online store: while you acknowledge that the game is broken, possibly permanently, this information is not visible for potential customers ("challenges" are even advertised).

    Ubisoft being a major player in the game industry, I believe that you know exactly what you are doing (and I can hardly believe that the issue is such a huge technical challenge to resolve).
    Could you please kindly provide us, your customer base, a more satisfying statement regarding the present situation?
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    "a more satisfying statement" could include:
    - evidences that, since made aware of the issue, Ubisoft has taken timely all necessary actions to try restoring the access to the affected features,
    - an action plan: what are the next step planned to try recovering the access to the affected features (or the criteria to finally drop it) and the associated customer management strategy?

    I imagine that you have internally a bug tracking system that contains all this...
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    What a shame of Ubisoft team. Its been two months since the crash and they only answer you with 'we are still working on it' and now they are saying that it 'may' won't work in the future.
    This company can't go further down. Don't buy Ubi games please.
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    Oh, nice. Next time make sure the public knows that before someone like me buys the game for the sole purpose of doing the ******* challenges. Typical Ubisoft, christ alive.
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    I have been receiving the "Servers currently not available" for the last three weeks!
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    shame on you Ubi
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    Can't access challenges (Ubisoft servers down?)

    Same for me. It's a lot of people facing this problem. It looks like Ubisoft isn't planning to fix it at all.
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    The challenges may never work more, cause ubisoft abandoned the game
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    Mulla on sama
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    Looks like we're on our 4th month of no PC server access. Just now found this thread and it's kinda sad how this all turned out.

    I did make a thread in the General Discussion section about a recommendation Ubisoft could potentially take to help preserve some kind of challenges rotations or leaderboard listings on PC if anyone is curious:

    But still, this is 4 months in, and I still see the Online modes being advertised on Steam too, which is pretty odd to have a 4 month server outage and still have those things up on that page. But really, I just want to see this fixed on way or another, whether it be actually fixing the problem on their end, or somehow letting the community configure their own servers that PC players can use and self-moderate themselves with if it's too much of a burden for Ubisoft to handle that situation when it's this late in the game's lifespan. I just want something to happen.
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