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    Y4S3.3 Patch Notes & Deployment Times.

    Hey Everyone,

    There will be the maintenance today for Y4S3.3 deployment.

    PC: 09:00 EST / 13:00 UTC
    PS4 10:00 EST / 14:00 UTC
    XB1 11:00 EST / 15:00 UTC

    Estimated Downtime: 20 Minutes

    Full patch notes can be seen here; rainbow6.com/patchnotes/y4s3_3
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    Still no sound fixes for consoles 3+years and counting !
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    -----reposting this for max visibility------

    Data centre selection XBOX
    So I'll admit that I took advantage of a bug that existed since year 2 that allowed me to switch data centers on xbox. This was a bug and it has been patched this season. Fair enough. However, I wasnt using it to abuse high ping. I actually hate having high ping in this game! I work late and if i want to grind my only option is to switch from NEU to WEU so that I can even find a match when I'm able to play.

    So, I'm requesting that players on consol be allowed to manually switch data centers in order to aid matchmaking at off peak times.

    I understand that the devs might not want players doing this to avoid ping abuse so here is a couple of things I think might help and be acceptable.

    1. Allow players to switch to a DC if their ping to that DC is below a certain threshold. I.E. 50 - 60 MS

    2. Automatically switch players to the next nearest DC If local population is low. Basically this would fix my problem the matchmaking algorithm automatically expanded the player pool.

    Hopefully something can be done about this as not being able to grind at night has really killed my passion for this game. Having 9 ping on NEU is great but the low population at times when I'm actually able to play sucks. My ping on WEU is usually 29 and I'm fine with that since I'm actually able to play there during off peak hours!
    Also, manual datacenter selection is still supported on PC as you can see from this FAQ


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    Drone Static is causing me headaches

    I don't know whether others are getting headaches from the drone's transition effect but I definitely am. I've been playing siege for a couple of months now, and I can't play characters like Echo as the drones transitions are so bright and cause me to have migraines and headaches, I was wondering if Ubisoft could release a patch with an option to turn off the transitions, they are pretty useless and cause players to have headaches. I really want to drone but can't .
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