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    New Update - Halloween Heat!

    Howdy y’all!

    It’s time for tricks & treats again!

    Count Dracuul is back in the Frontier for another grand Halloween Party!

    Find all of Dracuul’s scattered Pumpkins to win 6 new tracks in the Frontier!

    Count Dracuul rises again…

    The lord of Darkness has risen from his yearlong slumber!
    This time he’s organized a competition, you’ve got to find maximum Pumpkins in the frontier to get an invite!

    How do I collect Pumpkins?

    You are given 5 tracks every few hours to hunt for Pumpkins, and one of those tracks is guaranteed to have a hidden Pumpkin on it.

    You are rewarded with track pieces for brand-new tracks after finding a certain number of Pumpkins, over the course of the event!

    Pumpkins can be collected even after you crash and some of them are in extremely crafty locations. Keep your eyes peeled to avoid missing out!

    Additionally, you may get bonus Pumpkins on the Loot Wheel immediately after collecting Pumpkins on the tracks and they’ll be added to your stockpile!

    More Pumpkins equal more track pieces, go get ‘em!

    Pssst … Get a Hint!

    In case you're having a hard time finding Pumpkins on these tracks, you can purchase hints (for 15 gems each), which reveal tracks that definitely do not contain any Pumpkins.
    You may purchase up to 4 hints per hunt. It doesn’t get any easier than this!

    The Pumpkin Leaderboard

    Check out how many pumpkins have been collected by the Riders in the Frontier on the Pumpkin Leaderboard!

    You’ll be able to see your rank on the Pumpkin Leaderboard, and the top 5% of the riders will get‘Alpine’ – a challenging new track!

    The Rewards!

    - 5 New Tracks!
    - 2 Classic Outfits – The Deputy, The Speedrunner
    - 2 Classic paintjobs – Mantis ‘Pumpkin King’ Paintjob, Berserker ‘Dark Magic’ Paintjob
    - 1 Exclusive track for the Top 5% in the overall event

    What else is new?

    - The monstrous new ‘Dr. Cuul’outfit!
    - The brand new ‘Opera’ Paintjob for Phantom!

    [Event starts on 19th October 2019, 09:00 AM UTC/GMT]
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    Hello everyone and excuse my Mimimi... but am i the only one with a messed up Halloween Heat Leaderboard?
    Within the first hour there were already 82.000 Players. 3/4 of them have already 1000 - 803.000 Pumpkins and i ask myself with my 2 Pumpkins how the hell am i supposed to challenge them?
    Am i doing something wrong?
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    What a kak event

    I thought this game isnt pay to win, how does redlix expect is to find 350 pumkins with 6 hour intervals??

    Thats an average of 4 pumkins a day even is you double that with 80 gems a day youl stil only get 192 at the cost of 1920 gems

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    Yes, AviGatio, I noticed that too. My friend on the leaderboard has 36,939 pumpkins. How is this possible? I have only one pumpkin.

    In any case, I think this event has bugs. When I found the pumpkin (on a really frustrating track with snowballs), on the first two or three occasions of touching the pumpkin, I was sent back to the beginning of the track. The collection had not registered - when I got back to where I had "collected" the pumpkin, it was still there. It was only on the fourth attempt at this track that I was able to get the collection of the pumpkin to register and then go on to complete the track.
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    Yes i totally agree
    These kind of « spend gems » event start to be boring ... there is no challenge and you don’t need skill
    Just spend you gem to get more race to win 1 pumpkin ... or spend more on the cheated lootwheel
    Moreover if you pay the « event bundle » you don’t even get a way to have more pumpkin... just 3 race to look at instead of 5
    After waiting 6hrs ... i guess i prefer enjoy searching a little!
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    Kak event

    Is this event i joke??
    Theres no way to be competitive in this event at all.

    Especially when youve Finnished all main missions and events are all thats left to play except for the bunker
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    Kak event

    Please guys fix these bugs asap
    Time is running out
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    This event is a disaster.

    The glitched leaderboards (FYI: caused by the fan points from the Crash and Sunburn event not being cleared) and the wildly unrealistic pumpkin goals should leave those who developed this event feeling at least a little bit ashamed of themselves.
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    Kak event

    Thanks Razkar

    I totally agree with you on this one, i feel that they should atleast ad new main missions if this is road the events are taking us.

    What nice short and sweet skill games like in fusion aswell as rising, this will boost everyones skills and thus make the game way more competitive.

    is cheating hardcore in the bunker can someone follow up on thus im sorry but 10 sec with the armadillo on three brigdes is super impossible
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    So if its a Glich from the Crash and Sunburn Event thousands of Players just go ingame and claim ALL the rewards. How do they want to fix it ? Take away the Rewards from those Players? Just give everyone all Rewards (don´t think so...) its truly a Disaster...
    I was in top 20 in the CaS event but started with 0 Pumpkins don´t know if i should be glad or mad couse the glich doesnt affect me.
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