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    Would GRAW 1 & 2 be a significantly different experience than the console versions?

    I'm playing through the Ghost Recon canon starting from Ghost Recon 2 for the original XBOX whilst I wait for Ubisoft to fix Ghost Recon: Bug-point. I finished GR2 and am now playing through Summit Strike. I have played GRAW 1 on 360 several years ago, and even have forgotten what happened in the plot. However, my laptop should be able to run it almost maxed, if not fully jacked. Wondering if the console iterations of GRAW 1 & 2 would have better graphics & offer a different experience in terms of gore mechanics, gameplay and even story? Or am I better off just replaying the console versions.

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    The PC version is very different from the console versions. It's an FPS and far more tactical.
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