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    Currently 15633 players in Halloween event, only the top 300 have more than 20 pumpkins. They made this one way more difficult, probably since previous event was too easy. One extreme to the other.
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    Originally Posted by link42586 Go to original post
    How about hanging gardens and the pumpkin you cannot get. The two barrells keep blowing you away and i been at it for an hour now. wtf. i missed my first track somehow earlier this month i guess it was and if i miss all these i won't be playing again. Also never got pumpkins on the wheel at all since the event started.
    Did you manage to get this one? I just can't... tried it all. Only once the rider happened to stay on the platform where barells used to be, but he didn't fell down towards the pumpkin. Fuq! Also, I don't get any pumpkins in the loot wheel. If it continues like this, it's worthless. It's a game after all. It is supposed to be fun.
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    I too now have an event leaderboard that looks more legit (the few at the top are clearly resource cheaters but the vast majority are legit).

    The rest of the event... may seem like a nightmare bug .... but probably is exactly what RL intended. Thanks RL for at least ensuring I’ll be getting the 5% track.....
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    Haha, they may as well make the top 5% reward require you to be in the top 1% the way these events are going.
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    I assume that Ubi have re-used a db field that previously stored the result of another event. Those on top of the leaderboard are likely players who have not taken part in the pumpkin hunt at all. As soon as they do, the previous value will be reset to 0.
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    Not one loot wheel yet.
    Complete bull s h i t
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    I just got a platinum time/medal on a track while collecting the hidden pumpkin but there was NO Bonus Pumpkins on the prize wheel for me.....WHAT THE HELL !?!?

    I got told that we only get the Bonus Pumpkins if we get a Medal (anything but bronze) so I bust my butt to get a Platinum on this track as it's usually impossible as most pumpkins are in a place where we have to Crash to get it, so I was looking forward to having a go at getting a decent amount of Bonus Pumpkins on the wheel but instead I got shafted !!

    They NEED to get this¢ event in order ASAP, there's no way for anyone to earn all the tracks without the Bonus Pumpkins.....They need to be on the prize wheel everytime, no matter what medal we get !!
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    Joined the forum to vent about this event.

    Not a long term player, still don’t have all the standard bikes fully upgraded, not got one ‘extra’ bike, but have made it to approx. 10k on the leaderboard by playing & playing.

    That’s where I’m coming from.

    Today, I’ve spent 2h in city hallway track, as it’s come up 2x. I can manage (after a lot of practice today) a 46s, but that gets me nothing but one.

    The reward ratio is skewed too far on this one. Having paid the money for the 2x hints is not good value. (I was happy paying for the previous events, they worked & I made top 5% in the last 2).

    x days in, averaging about 6 pumpkins a day, I’m still top 3% ( which says it all) here, but with no chance of even getting close to the 360 needed without paying even more £££.

    Way to go. Games are meant to be fun, challenging is fine too, but this event is no fun. You killed the golden goose. I won’t bother spending any more money in the future.
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    Originally Posted by r5278ff7xe Go to original post

    The reward ratio is skewed too far on this one. Having paid the money for the 2x hints is not good value. (
    All my pumpkins have been on track 2.
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