The Heavy Gunner class specializes in heavy attacks and shrugs off even the toughest of blows

first Power(Mini-gun Attack) fire three shots with your mini-gun in a straight line (range:3 squares in a horizontal row)

second power(grenade toss) toss a grenade that confuses the target and knocks back everyone around it (range:2 squares in any direction)

third power(First-Aid) heal and cleanse yourself and gain regen for 2 turns (range: self buff)

ultimate power(RAMPAGE!) upgrade your gear gaining a second mini-gun and rocket launchers on both shoulders for 2 turns and abilities are enhanced

enhanced first power(obliterate) fire both miniguns and rocket launchers dealing heavy damage(range: 3 squares in a horizontal row)

enhanced second power(flash bang) stuns the target for a single turn causing them to run from you and your allies range( 3 squares in any direction)

enhanced third Power(med-kit) throw down a med-kit that can be picked up by allies by stepping on it (range: summon up to 3 squares in any direction)