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    Beyond Good and Evil 2 @ Ubisoft Experience

    The Beyond Good and Evil 2 team was excited to be able to meet fans in person, talk about BGE2’s fascinating world, and show off our pre-alpha demo of the game at the Sydney Ubisoft Experience!

    For a quick look at what went down during this fan event weekend in this article.
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    Me and the group of homies I play on PS4 with are VERY hyped to see what you guys have to bring this upcoming Space Monkey Report!!
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    Please, for the new Space Monkey Report on 31th October we don't want another 30 minutes livestream showing a bunch of concept arts and hitrecord stuff and talking about the same things again and again. Give us something new about the lore, the gameplay, the characters....anything.
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    I and a few others like the art concepts it gives us a lay out on the world we’ll be stepping foot on. I appreciate everything the developers show case even if it’s just talking the whole time THEY are the ones who brought this game to life over all 👌🏽
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    helllo frends
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    Awesome! Can it include more art of Jade and a model of Jade?
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