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    I guess I'll play Watch Dogs Legion when CPY/CODEX releases the game .... Cause god forbid you would give them $$ ... I guess UBI should give up this SUB business ... clearly it ain't for them....

    - Thanks for the 8h Demo and taking my $$ .
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    Suspended account (Even though I payed twice now)


    I have now payed subscription twice and I can still not play my games...!
    I downloaded WDL. Played for 1,5 hour then it crashes and tells me my Uplay + is suspended (AGAIN)

    Excuse my language, but how the f**k is that possible for you guys to not be on top of this issue and resolve it?! Not to mention that it should not happen in the first place!

    You release a brand new game that you know gamers have been waiting for. And then you manage to screw us player.
    As a can see Iím not the only one with this problem which is really bad. How you guys donít are a top of a issue like this.

    How will you guys resolve this?!?

    I havenít been able to play anything now over the weekend (and still canít). AND I WILL NOT PAY for another subscription. That just doesnít work for me.

    Get back to me with some answers.

    Regards Jimmy
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    exact same thing for me
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    And for me. Been having this issue since february. Still hasnt been resolved.
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    Subscribed to ubisoft+ and canceled right after and got suspended

    So i was thinking to give this a try, 15 euro a month to play their games, i'm playing ac valhalla, and i enjoy it quite a bit, so i subscribed and unsubbed right after, so i won't get auto renewal payment in the next month, as i do with any other subscriptions based games, and about 1-2 hours later i got forcibly exited out of ac valhalla mid game and it shows me the message your subscription has expired, and i'm like thinking wait what? i just paid 15 euros for a monthly subscription and it already expired less than 2 hours into it? so i tried checking my account, and it says status: suspended, i tried to resub...and it didn't let me, i never seen a company as incompetent when it comes to subscriptions and billing than ubisoft, even EA and their origin subscription gave me no issues what so ever, i subscribe, i cancel right after, and have 30 days left without having to worry about auto payment the following month, this is just infuriating
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    After Few Hours Account get Suspended

    Yesterday I Purchased Ubisoft Plus (25/11/2020) and today it shows your Ubisoft account is expired .
    How come my Ubisoft account got suspended and expired ,it should work fine for one months, and for one month you already charged for it .
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    you guys are usless. I have money in my bank account more than enough, yet you suspend my account saying payment failed. My card is upto date and there is money on it. so sick of this. first you take double payment to get started now you suspend my account again. Im not paying twice again. reinstall my account or im going to take this case further. My email is [edited.]
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    Ubi-Mark.'s Avatar Ubisoft Support Staff
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    Nov 2017
    Hello there,

    Sorry to hear about your experience.

    You can find more information about suspended subscription here.

    Feel free to get in touch if you have additional questions.

    You can reach out to us via live chat, Twitter or Facebook.
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