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    this is unbelievable, i've got more than enough money for the sub and my card isn't going to expire any time soon. this problem is 100% on ubisoft's end and i am saddened to see they can't get this right. also the subscriber tier seems to reset each time the payment fails so that is pretty annoying too, if AC Valhalla and a few other things weren't included in it i would quit it right away.
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    Ok so my acc is also suspended for 2 days now. Didnt play for 1 minute.
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    I have no idea if this will make a difference or not, but I had the same problem and what fixed it is not using a card that does not allow recurring subscription payments. I first used my Santander card which was a basic debit card that did not allow subscriptions. What this means is services that are auto-renewd on a subscription basis were not alowed to be processed.

    This caused an issue for me similar to what others experienced.

    I eneded up using my HSBC debit card which allows recurring subscription payments for services like UPlay, XBox GamePass, Origin etc. Upon switching my payment method to that I no longer had any issues.

    I also believe the same problems can occur if you try to use a topup debit card.
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    no uplay+, payment taken

    same here, bought uplay+ yesterday, went to play valhalla today, it says my payment method needs updating

    im sorry, what?
    youve already charged me, the money's gone
    now i cant use the product i paid for??? wtf?????????
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    After reading the FAQ i thought perhaps maybe i had made a mistake.

    I recharged Ubisoft+ and the money has definitely left my accounts, as did the previous payment. I've now paid twice for a service that I cannot use.

    This thread is 10 days old and the support staff have no idea what to do or say and clearly don't know what's going on.

    Recommend you STOP sending people to the FAQ pages as they often end up repaying for the service when the issue is with the Ubisoft servers not remembering who is a member and who isn't.
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    I have a feeling that the issue is tied to addresses. My address is incorrect under the subscription sections but correct under another area. When I try to update it, it will not change. I deleted it and updated it... guess what.. my address is still the ORIGINAL ONE THAT I DELETED. I also get a unicorn with a cat on it screen when I save my new address. They have a horrible team working on their Ubisoft connect app. They can sure as heck get games right but an app?? not a chance.
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    UbiKobold's Avatar Ubisoft Support Staff
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    Hi everyone and thank you all for your patience during these busier times! If you are experiencing a suspended Ubisoft+ account issue, please double check that your region/country match on all of the following.

    - your Ubisoft account
    - your payment method
    - your current location

    Additionally, if using a VPN, make sure to disable it before making a purchase. Also, please note that if you were charged and the Subscription has been suspended, you should receive a refund within 7-10 business days from the purchase date due to that failed purchase.

    AmonArelious: Thanks for that information regarding cards that allow or do not allow recurring payments! That may be something that affects some of our other players as well, so I appreciate you sharing that.

    Wreclis: I am sorry that you have not been able to update your address! If the app is not updating this, have you tried updating this information through our Account Management website? Our guide here, may assist with the site as well if it still will not update.

    If anyone continues to experience difficulties with a Ubisoft+ Subscription, please create a support ticket here so one of our agents can investigate this further with you. If you have already created a ticket, we appreciate your patience during these higher volume times and will get back to you as soon as possible!
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    Ubisoft+ Subscription canceled.



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    Wow typical Ubisoft!

    -Take your money for a service

    -Suspend account due to 'declined payment'

    -Not deliver customer service or the product which was paid for


    So Ubisoft, am I going to receive a refund or not? I paid for your service so at least give me something for the £12.99 I have just wasted!
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    Hi. Ubisoft+ does not work...I bought it yesterday...it is now suspended!!!!
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