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    I have the same issue. Subscription was fine then in the last few days is come back, been suspended again, I can't update the payment method sometimes, it won't accept a valid card, sometimes my payment methods just come up blank.
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    Has anyone been helped with the problem and have solved it? I still have the problem. And have not gotten any response from the support yet.
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    I highly doubt it.
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    waited 3 days now and nothing. I wrote on ubisoft support on facebook , twitter and open a support case. No respons yet...
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    still no answer from Ubisoft and of course , my account is still suspended.
    I contacted the chat and the guy told me to wait until Monday
    so no playing this weekend
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    Do you know anything about back-end billing services? In order to place an auth hold, the funds must have first been available. OTHERWISE it would cause an overdraft. Same way that "pay at the pump" will try and auth your card for as much as 90 bucks to make sure there is enough to cover the purchase. If you don't have it available it doesn't approve the transaction. BUT it doesn't make those otherwise insufficient funds unavailable because they are holding the money hostage. Mine got suspended as well. Come to find out my card exp date kept getting changed... By Ubisofts website. So I just went in and paid via one of the I think 3 completely different sites ubisoft has up currently (they dont even look similar} the money was taken out of my account..... It was PAID. and yet still no service... day 4. I turned in the ticket I sent screen shots of where it said my account active on the website after the purchase but Uplay still said suspended. I sent copies of the receipts. I sent screenshots of the online balance check. What did Ubisoft do? deleted the ticket as duplicate, because just before this they tryied to double bill me two totally different amounts. DELETED IT. Jesus you guys are worse than Wish.
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    double check and make sure the case didnt get deleted
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    Having the same problem. They've taken the payment but it says expired.

    Either refund me or sort it out instead of giving ******** "solutions".
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    There is no solution, we are stuck in an endless loop of being suspended and being charged for uplay +
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    The most annoying thing about this issue for me is the generic "copy and paste" replies from the support. I swear i've read the same exact post multiple times from them

    Also, The "cancel anytime" line is a load of BS - That part of the website don't even work, probably because they are expecting a mass of cancels and the site wont be able to cope.
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