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    **** !!!!!!!!!
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    come on ***ing ubisoft guys where are u y no response u guys doing scam this issue is gone far far away now every one is having a problem what u guys doing we need answer 24 hrs gone no reply from ubi support do u have any shame charged $16.32 from my card
    Dear Customer,
    PKR 2,665.58 is Debited from your account XXXXXX9048 with the following details:
    Merchant Name : UBISOFT EMEA SA
    Branch : 26 ST. DHA BR KHI
    Transaction Date : 12-Oct-2019
    Transaction Time : 18:45:50
    Account Balance: 282.16

    still suspended wtf
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    2019-09-15 Billing September
    € 0,00 (Billed monthly)

    2019-10-01 Billing October
    € 14,99 (Billed monthly)

    2019-10-11 Billing October
    € 0,00 (Billed monthly)

    2019-10-11 Billing October
    € 25,14 (Billed monthly)

    Yeah, im confused.
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    Same problem ..
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    Originally Posted by Ubi-Houck Go to original post
    Hi there!

    When you subscribe to Uplay+ we attempt to take the payment and we also provide you with an invoice. The invoice will include how much money we will be attempting to take.

    If we are unable to take payment we will have several further attempts to take this. These attempts could show as authorization hold. If all of these are unsuccessful, your subscription will be suspended.

    Please try again with a valid payment method. If you continue to have any issues, please do reach out to our teams.

    here's the thing:
    I can see from my bank that the amount for the subscription was reserved. That means that you didn't strightly charge it, but the amount got received for the invoice that was created to the bank. Therefore there is no way that you wouldn't be able to charge the account and actually complete the transaction, the money is reserved for you and it is either your decision or your **** up that you are just not completing/accepting the payments. If the accounts didn't have any money on them, the reservation for the money wouldn't be done, because the card would automatically get declined.

    Now you suspended our uplay+ subscriptions, told us to try other cards, and pulled the same trick with those new cards. I can see from the new card I added that after your site said "payment OK, enjoy countless hours of playing blaablaa" that again, the money was reserved, again not strightly charged, but reserved.
    Nevertheless, the money was reserved FOR YOU, that means that our banks are holding that money unaccesable for us since there is the freaking invoice/reservation FROM YOU. And believe me, this is not the first time I've went through this ****, Amazon pulled the same **** on me a while back, and my bank told me that only person who can pull out the invoice is, guess this, YOU!

    So a quick sum up how it looks to me:
    Either you are releasing that reserved money back to our accounts before Monday. Or you're gonna have a hella fun Monday when everyone with this issue has to issue a legal claim with our banks for you scamming us. And just to be clear, I want to believe that this was just a major **** up and your systems got glitched. But what comes to pulling back money that reserved for invoices the only way to do that without you releasing the money is to file a complaint for scamming, at least that's how it is in my country, seems to work internationally since it went the same way with amazon.

    Have a nice weekend

    And just to be clear:
    I added a second card and got succesfully billed AGAIN, I restarted my uplay and see that my sub is expired. I wait 5-minutes and I get a pop up on your site saying that subscription is suspended, even tho the money is reserved. Good job.

    PS. Quick question: you used to have the OG system for credit card purchases in use at least still last year. Why in the **** did you change to this reservation ******** system?
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    Same problem here, got an email yesterday saying that the account would be suspended in 7 days, but was already locked and no way to talk to the bank to sort it out.
    I didn't cancel the subscription, so the service should still be working.
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    had errors on my account billing information, looked at orders and had ones for zero money, corrected information, account still locked, contacted customer support that suggested i wipe cookies, use a different browser and attempt to resub. tried those, told they are working on the issue, paid via PayPal, still no access to Uplay+ services.
    i updated my customer ticket with PayPal receipt. im hoping to get resolution within the next few days. i will attempt to contact support again in about 1 weeks time to prompt some action on their end.
    later on today i will get a bank statement and check the funds have not been reserved, as reading the posts on here have alerted me to the issue of funds being reserved and not taken by Ubisoft services. it seems whatever service they use for payments is not ready for such an e-commerce environment such as subscriptions
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    Well same issue here and I have a long history of payment issues with Ubisoft. I almost punched my monitor to **** but then found out this forum to know there are other people out there with the same issue. BTW I've paid twice for the membership and I hope my ticket is resolved and my second payment refund. Ruined weekend damn it
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    Ubi-Baron's Avatar Ubisoft Support Staff EMEA
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    Aug 2017
    Hey guys,

    Apologies for our delayed response here, I can certainly understand the frustration this issue is causing.

    We have made the Uplay+ team aware of the issue with suspended subscriptions, and this is currently being looked into.

    For the moment we apologize for any inconvenience this causes.

    If you haven't already, please make sure you have create a Support Case through the site here, to help us look into this further from our side.
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    Has anyone started making contact with their Attorney's yet in preparation for a class action lawsuit? I've paid, have the reference number, and still shows as suspended... I think I'm done here.
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