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    Same issue here

    Just checked from my account page that my region matches with my Ubisoft account, payment method and current location and I don't have VPN on my computer. Unbelievable that this issue is firstly addressed in 2019! and still it seems a lot of ppl having this exact same issue.
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    Nice, i brought it today, played for 35min, quit game and my subscription is suspended.
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    i now pay and have account suspended wtf is this BS????? F U.... back to steam im uninstalling forever
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    One year plus after this subscription service started, it is still dysfunctional. I have been purchasing products and services on-line since 1999 from other vendors and I did not expect this mess... from Ubisoft. I am still waiting for either activation or full refund and I get neither.
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    Hey folks,

    I am sorry to hear that you have all been encountering this issue.

    As my previous colleagues have mentioned, if you have encountered this please raise a support ticket on our website so we can look into what has happened with the payment.

    Apologies for any inconvenience caused.
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    same problem here. pay with credit card-got invocie and after 5hours my ubisoft+ suspend. still waiting to solve the problem by ubisoft but no luck so far. i have images of payment and invoice already. ubisoft take money and give nothing.
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    same problem for me

    Got to play Breakpoint for about 2hrs, went to luch and after that it said I need a subsciption. On "my subsciption" tab it says its SUSPENDED. My card details are all right. Money has gone from my bank account to Ubisofts account and I know that because I cant cancel the payment. Now I know why people hate Ubisoft.......... I have made a case and no one hase answered to it. I will contact the local consumer adviser next week if my account is still suspended or I havent got the money back
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    Hey there. I am sorry to see that you both have experienced a suspended Ubisoft+ subscription as well. I see that you have both created cases in regards to this issue, and suggest continuing there for continued assistance. However, I will also provide some suggestions here as well. If you are utilizing a VPN, please disable it before making a purchase. Also, your country/region needs to match on all of the following:

    - your Ubisoft account
    - your payment method
    - your current location

    In addition, there have been some player reports that enabling 2-Step Verification on your Ubisoft account will allow you to subscribe. While 2SV is not required for a Ubisoft+ Subscription, that may be a workaround that you try as well.
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