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    Rage quitters need to be addressed

    Ubisoft, can you please do something about the rage quitting in mp? This is really getting out of control. In the last 24hrs, about 90% of my matches have ended in the other person bailing before we finish. What kind of standards are we allowing humans to fall to when quitting is better than losing? Losing is a crucial part in the growth of an individual and we only hurt society by allowing these things to continue. At this point I believe the punishment for bailing on a session should be more than if the player stuck it out to the end. Something like -25 pts seems pretty fair (not sure what was done in season 1), but whatever would be good as long as it makes it's point. I hope we can get this addressed and handled asap.
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    I if I'm last, I don't leave the multiplayer which is in progress.....it's undoubtedly that, to be part of a community, and to be honest, I'm never 1st, second, I'm no longer in the last wagon, yet I never leave!

    I'm going all the way.........
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    Ive posted about this several times myself. Having three people im racing against all quit after we finish the third track, is infuriating. We will litetally play all the tracks, and right before the results screen, they'll all quit, and i get nothing. I really feel that a person should be rewarded their points still, in this situation. And yes, rage quitters need to be punished as well. I thought Season 1 handled this very well, and since then, theres been no penalty.
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    i got booted from a match today and lost 35 points so i think there is still a penalty.
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    Interesting. Ive been DC'd twice with ni penalty, and ive seen several people at the start of Season 3 say there werent penalized. Maybe they implemented a point penalty recently. If so, then it needs to be minus more points for quitting then losing.
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    there is a way to quit without losing points but i'm not about to say how in here, lol. Not sure how they would be able to tell if someone quit or got DC'd, that might be the issue, I say just give the person that didnt quit points somehow.
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    attila - It's a shame not everyone shares the same thoughts. I don't mind losing points if my opponents are better than me.

    caculusman- Well we've covered the mp forum, the news & announcements forum, and now the general forum lol.

    lionden- You lost points? My game kicked me out of a session the other day and I didn't see anything. There's also been 1 time that I've purposely quit on someone in the 3rd round, but don't remember seeing anything that time but the "waiting for match finish". Dude deserved it for all the times he does that crap to me lol. I still felt bad tho that he didn't get the points he deserved. I don't know how some ppl just do that all the time.

    Maybe a rage quitter can chime in and let us know what happens when you bail on ppl lol. I'm not gonna test it out lol. Need all the points I can get

    edit: What we really need is cross platform mp! That way the sessions are full enough for them to finish. Maybe one day.
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    Amen to cross platform! More often then not theres just not enough Bronze Silver and Golds playing. So they get lumped into a match with me and other Diamond ranked players. I understand that can be frustrating. But those people should quit out while still in lobby. Its the people that lose all three tracks, and quit on me right before results screen that absolutely kill me. Regardless, Cross Platform play, or guaranteed points (based on placement), for those who are still present, would really help MP right now.
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    Part of the difficulty here is that we can't always see on our end people who leave purposely, and people who have connection issues.
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    Originally Posted by UbiKeeba Go to original post
    Part of the difficulty here is that we can't always see on our end people who leave purposely, and people who have connection issues.
    Thank you for responding to this.

    I totally understand that. I definitely don't want someone to lose points if they don't deserve to. I think some kind of penalty should be enforced tho if able, because it's happening way too much due to there not being any. How about if it's connected to exiting a session? Like when you have to hit continue to exit it could warn the player that they would lose x points if they continue and then penalize them if they continue. That should be a way to determine whether or not they bailed or lost connection. Guaranteed points to the last remaining player would work as well. I'm sure something can be implemented to help make mp more fun then it currently is.
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