will Receive Hive receive some improvements to its status visibility in TU6?

I'm referrencing to following paraghraps from "The rocky history of the Revive hive":
Making sure that the Hive’s health bar is visible to downed players or adding other UI elements that will reliably tell you what’s happening, like line of sight indicators, is complicated. These new UI elements need to work with all the systems that the Hive itself relies on. It’s an intricate web of systems and aspects that the team needs to consider.

For now, we reworded the in-game description of the skill and removed the need to press a button to revive while in its area of effect. In Title Update 5, we made sure to optimize the scripts involved with the Hive as well. Other UI changes are being actively worked on and will be introduced in a future Title Update, including the health bar being visible no matter if you’re downed or not.