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    Issues in game

    I lose my stats now every time the game is started, half still work but lots dont including longest shot, total headshots, world exploration all reset to 0 each time. Also the sound in cut scenes when playing missions can be lost and break up which is annoying. There is no protein from animals except birds and weapons sometimes wont zoom in on scope until you change to another gun and then change back.
    I played both betas and they seemed to work better than the gold edition of the full game which I have. I hope these issues are going to be fixed as the game is not a cheap one and these issues are so basic its very frustrating.
    Finally why is the camera pov dynamic which goes really close in combat and far back when free roaming, both are camera views I would not choose but I would like it in between. Why is there no slider like the PC users have to adjust camera pov to suit each player? Im on pS4.
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    The camera pov for me is also annoying. I like the view where its 3/4 from just below the waist. It keeps zooming out and thats where the floating and slipping and sliding becomes more apparent, which is driving me crazy. Give us the option to fix where we would like to see our character. xbox
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    same happened to me about the STATS reset..... all my 100 hrs+ stats are gone ... thats really messed up... please fix this T T
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