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    Purchasable Keys

    At this point any hype or hope for playing the new Ghost Recon game is dead, being poor is fun. It did however get me thinking, and although I'm almost certain that the Ubisoft team won't even give this a second glance or consideration as they insist on their whole "Pay monthly" plan, I'm sure it would have been a viable option for those that are continuing to have problems and still can't get this "Service" to work.

    It's simple, the option to purchase a key for a months subscription.
    Those who were originally supposed to receive a free month, just send them a redeemable key for that free month.

    I'm fed up and after a month of dealing with support all I have left to say is that if you have a better solution I will let you dance with my corpse at my funeral.
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    Glad to see how little of a toss they actually give about a reasonable suggestion. Not even an answer.
    You can do one Ubi, a month and a half of cut and paste garbage and idiotic repetition in the support tickets and you can't even take the time to find an excuse to say why this wouldn't work.
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