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    Settlers 7 vs history edition?

    I own Settler 7 original - I saw there's History Version for the game, but I don't really understand the difference between the two... according to the game's description is looks exactly like the original game

    can someone help explain it?

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    Hey mr.shemer,

    if you own the original version of The Settlers 7 you don't really need the History Edition.

    We released History Collection containing reworked versions of all 7 The Settlers games in November last year to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the series.
    While especially the older titles had compatibility issues with modern operating systems, this is less so the case for the newer games, especially The Settlers 7.
    The older games also received some additional improvements e.g. the support for higher resolutions.
    Also: all games come with all their DLC/addons.

    Also, The Settlers 5 to 7 received a rework of their multiplayer which now runs via Uplay.
    Multiplayer between the old versions and the History Edition is not possible.

    That said, coming around to the beginning of my post:
    If you have no problems playing the original The Settlers 7 on your PC there's absolutely no need to get the History Edition

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