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    Connection Issue

    So.. i bought this game in July/2019 and started active playing early September/2019 so far everything was fine my ping normally around 9 - 25ms until last week the ping become unstable and reach to 100 - 800ms but my Data center were in "seas" server. reinstall doesn't fix at all

    my wifi also in good condition even playing csgo, gta v no connection issue at all even my pc doesn't have any problem.

    Please anyone know how to fix?
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    Moving this over to Support to see if they may have some tips for you! Definitely reach out to them!
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    Hey there Doki_Shark, thanks for reaching out.

    I'm sorry that your ping is a lot higher than normal. We have a pretty in-depth connectivity FAQ here, which can resolve the majority of these issues.

    I appreciate that you are more than likely in the correct server, but you can manually change this as well, to see if it helps your connection at all. Hope this helps!
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