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    Assault lvl 8

    In the rank up challenge Iím supposed to kill 12 enemies with asr or stg. Without reloading or swapping.

    But with asr I have taken out 50 enemies with headshot and no reload. Still donít get this last item checked. Any suggestion ?
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    Just kill 12 enemies with ASR or STG

    WITHOUT RELOADING AND SWAPING GUNS. ( switchhing between guns )

    Swapping doesn't mean changing it in the loadout by equipping different guns.

    Take you ASR and with one mag kill 12 enemies without switching to another weapon ( 1, 2 , 3 ) and without reloading between the kills. . Woula. Did this with no problems.
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    Something that caught me the first time was how we sometimes have to complete the same thing multiple times.
    In my case, it was for my medic class. I got my 3 kills in 3 seconds, and was confused for a moment why the challenge wasn't completed. Took me a moment to realize I needed to complete the same thing 3 more times.
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    Also be aware, if you use your drone it counts as swapping weapons
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    I have tried like four times. One shoot to the head. Mostly patrols around the map.
    Done it four times in a row and still donít get it right. Something must be bugged.
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    Your mag has 50 bullets??? Try using standard mag, there have been reports that possibly using anything but standard mag makes it not work.
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    which gun and attachments are you using specifically? and what is your exact tactic for trying to do it so far?
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