Marz Operators is currently looking for 3 new members to complete a squad in Ghost Recon Breakpoint on (XBOX ONE). I'm looking for one squad member who specializes as a (Grenadier), One squad member who specializes as a ( SAW Gunner) and one squad member who specializes as a ( Designated Marksman).

Recruits must be 18 years old or older to join, have a microphone and be on pacific time zone.

Marz Operators is a mil sim type tactical group we utilize standard operating procedures such as designated roles, formations, communication,rules of engagement.

New members are required to to participate in a training session that might last up to 1 or 2 hours.

Every member is required to wear black boots, khaki or olive drap pants, khaki or olive drab plate carrier, and khaki or Olive drab ops core high speed tactical helmet, any type of short sleeve or long sleeve shirt is optional in any color.

Note: All members continue training even after becoming a member on random occasions. If you are accepted too join you will be invited to the Marz Operators Xbox Live Club.

Marz Operators are only looking for serious players. If you are interested send a message to the gamer tag below

Training will began Friday October 11 2019 at 6PM Pacfic Time

Gamer tag: