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    BGE Fest

    Is BGE Fest cancelled? Sorry if this happens to be a stupid question but the last time I heard anything about it was last year when we were told we would hear more information soon and I cant seem to find any updates about it so far?
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    Yeah, they canned it, first for 2018, then for 2019. Three quarters of 2019 are gone and you really can't expect people to come to such an event (to Montpellier of all places) on short notice. They won't just announce one for October or November, that would be very strange I guess.

    There's always next year, but... wild guess... there will not be a BGEfest in 2020 either.
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    BGEfest is indeed cancelled but instead we have the Ubisoft Experience where we can meet the BGE team so we're not abandonned
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