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    Players activity on PC

    Hi everyone,

    I gave up on Wildlands because on PS4 the players activity is very poor.

    I recently bought a new PC and I see that the players activity on PC is still active.
    I can say that because STEAM shows the number of players, and it is high enough for me to start again playing.

    My questions are :

    1) Is it better to play it on STEAM or via Ubisoft official multiplayer?
    2) Can you guys confirm that the PvP activity, on PC, is still active?
    3) Will my progress be shared between PS4 and PC ?

    4) Also please let me add, if I buy the game from the Ubisoft Store, can I then play it on STEAM ?

    Looking forward to your replies so I can proceed to buy it.
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    Wow, I assume that the lack of replies means no player activity at all...
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    I can't say for sure. I will say the last time I tried to fire up wildlands, with open NAT, I sat in queue for nearly half an hour without a match. I did see a custom game, so I was able to get in and mess around, but there is no progress in custom. As for steam, I believe it's entirely separate. Not even sure they're crossplay. I love wildlands ghost war, but not when i can't find a game. This turned me off to the game back then. I'm only now redownloading to try again and decided to check in here to see if anything's changed.
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    playing on steam it will fire up the official ubisoft so no difference there, only if you want your steam friends to join you
    PVP active during European evening time
    no progress sharing. You can't play on steam if you buy on ubisoft, but you can play on ubisoft if you buy on Steam
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