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    Protect the Programmers

    Anyone having issues getting Carl and the programmers to safety? I have switched it to easy mode and no matter how hard I try the vehicle stops near a base of enemies and blown to smithereens. Not sure if it's a bug?
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    I was about to remark that the Ubisoft developers already seem to mostly wisely stay off social media, but I see I'd misread the title entirely.

    (Sorry, only played 40 hours so haven't reached this quest, with reference to the actual OP).
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    Thanks, I managed it after the 8th time, not sure why but it worked.
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    This is bugged mission.
    What you wana do - is clear the path before - than drive back to mission giver and than do the driving thingy ( don't fast travel or enemies will respawn )

    This missions is bugged as ****. ( or bad design )
    I was trying it on extreme 20 times before i cleared the path and finished it.

    Worst part is - of you get out of the car programers drive away which is the main issue with this mission.
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