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    1404 - ENGLISH game tools and map editor?

    Dear forum,

    A meteor has hit your island. (The old forums were removed),

    Your supply route is no longer trading goods! (The links are BROKEN to many of the tools).

    Can you please help a late comer to this terrific game? I have translated and hunted down what I needed for 1701 through other forums, but after recently getting 1404 the tools I enjoyed (Map Editor, City planners, Calculators) seen much more detailed and hard to use German based guides.

    It would be greatly appreciated if someone can link the location of the Map Editor Tool and "Tool One" with any other guides available. The sticky post that links these just send me to the silly Anno 1800 advertising page...

    Please help if you can,

    Cheers from a very late Anno fan!
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    Here is the Mod and Map Editor. Now the Map Editor was never in English.


    If you need info on the Map editor you can join that forum.

    Plus here is just the map editor: https://anno1404.fandom.com/wiki/External_tools
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