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    Looking for a group of adults to game with.

    Looking for adults to game with not 10 year old kids. I'm on eastern standard time. I'm 53 years old and love to game however I work 2nd shift. Looking for a group of gamers with the age of 30+.
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    Add me, HEYLOOKITSBD. Im usually on some evenings, between 6-9.
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    Panther skill set and I have a mic. add me coeus617bonobo. east coast US weekend hours and some evenings
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    Fluxburner's Avatar Junior Member
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    Hey Ed , I'm on WST TZ add me @ PSN:Fluxburner
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    I知 interested. EST, over 30. Texasbeardface8
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    I知 41 and have a few solid people I play with but can always use more. I am new this game, just got it yesterday. Roguenhunting is my psn (I知 also a division player)

    I知 on east coast time and work weird hours, never know what shift I知 on
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    Hell yeah!

    I'm 39, have a mic, I play around 6-9pm Mon-Fri. I also play a hell of a lot on Sat and Sun, I usually game for a very long time on the weekend. My tag is LuckyLokiLord13 , Anyone, I'd be happy to game with you. Also I'm a Division 2 player.

    BTW, I'm in Arizona time zone
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    I'm interested

    Psn: Milo_the_boston
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    Older guys to jam on breakpoint

    I am a fan of this game. On almost everyday. 252 gear level, 200 hours of time, all behemoths soloed, story done, just about done with entire battle tier, all classes at 10. I play tactical, but don't mind having fun. I am 41. If you want to team up, have a good attitude, and play as a team, don't hesitate to look me up. I can fit any role in any situation. Im trying also to voice my opinion on getting this game back to where it should be on the feedback forums.

    Revolutions09 out!
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    Slowly working on my second character. EXTREME difficulty with minimal HUD. Over 30yrs old with a Mic. If you want slow and methodical teamwork, add me.
    PSN: iTzSimple_84
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