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    Hey mate 33 from Australia but work shift work so available most times. Been looking for a co op team for a while. Username is Curto417
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    Hey guys I'm looking to raid and need some friends. HEYLOOKSITIB I looked your handle up on PSN search and couldn't find you. Shasta-Medic look me up and friend me, I like to play as sharp shooter from a distance too, but I"ll go hard core in-the-face if I have a crew to fight with me.

    my PSN handle is: Orange197633

    I play mostly at night and most all weekends.

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    Originally Posted by HeylookitsBD Go to original post
    Add me, HEYLOOKITSBD. Im usually on some evenings, between 6-9.
    Originally Posted by AncientReaper84 Go to original post
    Also looking for a couple of adults(30+) with mics, that like slow and methodical teamwork. Live in the Midwest and online most weeknights from 7ish-10, and weekends 7ish-12ish.
    AncientReaper I'm the same way,,methodical and smart planning. I too live in the Midwest so I'm guessing that we're in the same time zone?

    Look me up at my PSN: Orange197633
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    Looking for COOP

    Hi all, another one here looking for serious gamers to plan the perfect infiltration. Current matchmaking is lackluster at best, so any opportunity to get on with like-minded players sounds good.

    PSN: Capicuuu
    EST - tend to be on after 5pm and then after 11p (or whenever the wife goes to sleep)
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    I need more North American players to group up with. DM me if you want to group up sometime.
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    im eelco, from holland. night person 45 retired quite new at playstation 4 my ps username zeeltje_ollie
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    xxkevinvaluesxx's Avatar Junior Member
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    Dec 2019
    Pennsylvania, USA

    sounds like a match!

    34 years old
    USA East Coast (usually on weekdays 8pm-12am, lots of weekend hours)
    Working mic, no background noise
    Play as stealthy and tactical as I can and on UNGUIDED mode.
    Looking to play with adults that like to explore and take down bases, doing side missons and stuff, too!

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    MissyRenee's Avatar Junior Member
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    North Carolina
    I am 40 eastern time zone and I play almost every afternoon and evening I'm at level 251 i dont have a mic yet though but will get one eventually feel free to add me

    Psn: MissyReneeJ
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    Hi , I'm an adult player and looking for players to team up with. I've played all Ghost Recon games, at around 145 level on Breakpoint right now. I like the tactical side of this game for the most part but open to other styles too. I'm cool with explorations, mission ...whatever as long as we have fun.I have a Mic if needed, based on US west coast I play more or less every evening. May not fully work with EST but we may find some common time.
    PSN name : sicoroot
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