I'll get this out of the way, this is at no way directed at the creative staff at Montpelier or Michel Ancel (He's always been amazing). Without a doubt he is going to create something beautiful along with Christophe Heral, but how much of the game has changed since Corporate Ubi announced it has become online only. People are are wanting an offline mode, but even if that is granted(which will never happen), how much of narrative will actually be in the game?

Being always online is not a problem, they are keeping it online to continuously monetise it with dirty schemes. While playing, "solo" how much are they gonna hamper natural progression?

Watch this video by Jim Sterling:

This is what Corporate Ubisoft are gonna do to this game.

Nearly 16 years of wait, and it comes to this. To top it off, it's probably gonna end up on the Epic Games Store.