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    Feedback cutscene vs. free player movement in tours

    I really love to be able to explore the gameworld of ancient Egypt and ancient Greece in a relaxing way while gaining some historical knowledge at the same time.

    Still I felt much more restricted and disconnected from the world while doing a tour in ancient Greece, since I wasn't able to move around freely while listening to the audio information, like I did in Egypt. For me the new cutscene presentation style interrupts my experience of the world and makes it less relaxing.

    Is there any way to change that behavior? It would be great to have an option to move freely again while listening to the information.
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    gabe-42: Hi there, gabe-42, and thank you for that feedback about your experience with the cut scenes and the discovery tours! I'll make sure this gets to the team, for sure! We want all players to feel free to discover and move of course! xD
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