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    AC III: Liberation Remastered - Changes to Control Options wont save.

    I am unable to save any changes I make to the Control Settings, ie. Vibration, Sensitivity, x,y- invert, etc. I can change them and when I back out of the menu I see the abstergo change icon, but when I go back into the menu the settings have automatically reverted to where they were before. This game is unplayable for me with the x-axis being inverted

    The vibration I could take or leave but the invert is a deal-breaker. I didn't have this issue with AC III Remastered...

    Any fixes for this?

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    X & Y settings (sensitivity and invert) not saving

    X & Y settings (sensitivity and invert): changing the settings it may look that changes aren’t saved, but they are applied in-game. The best thing to do is to change both X & Y at the same time, setting the desired values, and ignoring them after the save because the values showing on screen are misleading.

    Tested (AC Liberation Remastered/HD):
    -changing X alone doesn’t “save” the values on screen; for example, sensitivity = 6, invert = on will show 0 and off respectively;
    -changing Y alone changes the values on screen of X;
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    Hello Dark-Psyche, welcome to the forums!

    Sorry to hear about your experience.

    Have you tried verifying your game files with this link by any chance? This will help you to eliminate any potentially corrupted data that can lead to this issue.

    Many thanks and if you have any additional questions, please let us know.
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