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    Cannot Start Tour - Question Marks Next to Options

    On PS4 Pro when I approach someone to start a tour and the sub-menu pops up, small question marks inside circles are displayed next to the ‘start tour’ and ‘close’ options, and then no button on the controller can affect anything on screen (except the pause button to quit to menu), and my character is stuck in place. I’m using the full HUD display options. Is there a way to fix this?
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    Problem Resolved

    Custom controls had been set. As soon as I switched the controls to default settings, the question marks disappeared and the game functions properly.
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    Works for One X as well.

    Was having the same problem on Xbox One X as well, can confirm switching control scheme to default fixes this issue. Thanks for sharing the info. 👍
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    Sorry for the delay on this post, everyone, but I'm glad the issue has been resolved!
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