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    Many thanks,

    I have just completed assassins creed 2 and I loved this game, so much more refined than the first. I bought the first and to be honest I sold it after the first few zones as I got bored running around for miles... This one is more together, the story line is better and the action is good. my only criticism would be trying to remember everyone when a cut scene happens.. he mentions names and it would of been good to get a mini speech bubble or something to remind you of who he is talkiong about

    On the whole for me 9.5 out of 10

    Epic and well worth my pennies..
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    That was me the first time around on AC1 as well. I couldn't keep track of all the throaty Arabic names and the fancy European names. :P
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    I liked AC1 for the first 6 gameplay's xD On the 7th I've started to notice that I REALLY couldn't swim, and that there are gliches in abundance.
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