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    Hello dear fellow Assassin's!

    I have a massive problem with AC B Atm.. and i hope someone can help me!

    We all know that we can step out of the animus and also play as Desmond. But my problem is, i can't go back in the animus... [edit] I just can't! And lucy is gone! And no, she is not outside... SHE IS NOWHERE! And im realy pist right now because i completed the game for 35% and i played like 15 to 20 hours... so PLEASE somebody help me or maybe someone has the same problem??

    thx! Greeting, Max
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    Please check the technical support forum:

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    we all know that acb is full of bugs

    i have problem with a mission where my target who should kill me, is running away.

    i hope some patch will come out which fixes most of bugs we found. my advice is: just wait.
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