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    Thats it... Im out...

    I defended this Game a realy long time. On Friday it crashed two times within 20 Minutes. It stutters like crazy. Then the a55holish Acorn move...

    Maybe ill come back when the stutters are fixed (we are now 7 Months in). Good Job, Ubi or RedLynx, whoever is responsible for this. I will definitely never pre order a Trials game, but i think this was the last Trials we've seen anyways.
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    Hello Rudhelm,

    Thanks for reaching out to us. We appreciate your support, and don't want to see you go! I am going to move your thread over to our dedicated Player Support forums, so they can look int this for you.

    You can also reach out directly to our team Here if you wish.

    I hope that our team can get this resolved quickly for you.
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    Thx Rudhelm ....coooooool

    welcome to all the planets of the cosmos
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    I'm on PS4 by the way
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