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    Purchased the game didnt show up in my Library

    Good morning All,

    I have a problem with my purchase of this game, after payment the game didnt show up in my game library?
    Also i didnt got a confermation email that i bought it. I can only see i bought it when i look at my game purchase history and my account.
    I did made a ticket : Ubisoft Support Ticket: 09788852

    Would love to play this weekend, please help Thanks
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    same problem

    i have the exact same problem i bought it on 21 sep but till this moment (28 sep) i have not got it
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    Hello Dreadnought2142,

    Sorry to hear that and apologies for the delayed reply. I can see from your ticket that the issue has been resolved. Happy gaming!

    @magicpeter123, welcome to the forums! Are you still experiencing this issue?
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